10 Words That Will Kill Your Customer's Fantasy | O Camgirl
When you work as a webcam model, you're creating a fantasy for your customers. The performer name that you choose at registration becomes the name they fantasize about until they come back with credits or tokens. They pay you, and then you perform a show for them. I used several words in the first paragraph that you should avoid while broadcasting. I bet you know what they are, but in case you hadn't thought of it before I've created a handy dandy list of 10 such words and phrases for you to use as a guide. 1. The word "work" has a negative connotation that might imply that you don't actually want to be there. Your customers want to believe that you're there because you want to be. What Not to Say What to Say Instead going to work working at work (i.e. on cam) getting on cam hanging out looking for fun/trouble, etc. 2. The words "customers" and "clients" have a connotation that implies exchange of money for goods and services. While accurate,