More proof Fox News is stupid
I almost looked at the calendar to see if it was April 1st again, but no it’s just Fox News Houston affiliate aired the attached segment asking if TV is trying to turn our kids gay. Specifically they are referring to the Glee television show that features not one but GASP three or maybe even more gay characters. Up next on Fox? Is CBS trying to turn our populace old? Is the Starz in black channel too black? Seriously is this really possible in 2011? As long as they had their one flamboyant gay kid in Chris Colfer (who is FABULOUS we might add) the right kept their mouths shut, but now that a female character played by Naya Rivera is coming out (sort of) they cannot have that. A character who is not a caricature being gay on TV how dare they. Hey Fox News, here is a thought for you Intolerance and stupidity is neither fair nor balanced. Glee is not for very young audiences, it has very biting humor and is a dark comedy. I’m pretty sure that the shows [...]