A Person On Business From Porlock: Poems in English and Spanish — John B. Lee/Manuel de Jesus Velázquez Léon | Numéro Cinq
In poetry, the local is the universal. As William Blake wrote: "To see a World in a Grain of Sand..." John B. Lee is an old friend, published many times in Numéro Cinq, who lives in Port Dover, Ontario, just down the road from the farm where I grew up. We both have a special affection for Norfolk County, to me, always both local and an epic ground, filtered with blood of ancestors.. And in these poems, he remembers a relative of his, Ida Wright, born in Waterford, the farming town, where I went to high school. Ida went to China as a missionary --- the rest I will let John tell. But notice, yes, how these poems rise by degrees to compass all life (and beyond), from a southwestern Ontario schoolroom to eternity.