Pacific Walkers | Poems --- Nance Van Winckel | Numéro Cinq
Four gorgeous poems this morning arrive to you from NC, the first four poems of Nance Van Winckel's brand new poetry collection Pacific Walkers, the central poem being an inquiry into the body of an unidentified dead man washed up on the bank of the Spokane River, the man's body itself becoming an inquiry, "a small inquiry unfit for the big answer." In a flash, in a phrase, the poet has told you of what all life and art consist: we are all small inquiries unfit for the big answer, but the small inquiry and the big answer fuse in the poem, and the poet accords the unidentified dead man a signal honour, knighting him with the epithet "Little Prince of the Reigning Question." The poems are poignant, raw, mysterious and lovely.