Authorless Books, Mutated Goats & Ark Codex: Interview With Derek White --- Nance Van Winckel | Numéro Cinq
Sure, my role is unique in that i experienced Ark Codex as it was coming together, but i think of my role more as a shepherd. Or, okay, maybe a breeder. And i personally prefer to think of goats rather than sheep, wherein the goats are other books and ideas . . . yes Derrida's books being some of those goats. But Derrida is not one of those goats—I’ve never met Derrida. Sadly, he is dead. But his books aren't (and in this sense, neither is he). Ark Codex is some sort of mutated goat that came about by such selective breeding. But again, don't let me be the one to tell you what Ark Codex is or isn't; you might have a completely different beast in mind. --- Derek White