North Denver Notions – D-Note Chronicles – Old Town Arvada
In an attempt to do something different, something never attempted by anyone else before, this entire column will be written during a single song which is just now beginning to be sung by Jade Day from Austin Texas on the D Note stage. I’m doing the sound tonight, but the sound is pretty dialed in so I can afford to multi-task and write this column. It is actually a mutually beneficial thing; the music is inspiring the writing and hopefully the writing will inspire more people to come hear music. Jade Day sounds like a mix between The Fray and Radiohead. The Fray played the D Note back in the day a few times. They were pretty good then too. So many good bands, like Jade Day, come through here. So many, like the Fray, come from here. We’re in the import/ export business. I just erased a whole superfluous paragraph and the song is now at least half way through. I’m starting to panic. I don’t have time to panic. What should I write about? Quick!