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Libo Liu is Creating Games, AR OS and an Empire. Abilities: C++11、PHP、Python、ROR、MySQL、Redis、AR、VR、Unreal Engine、ZBrush、Maya、Machine Learning、Deep Learning、Latex、BLE、Cadence, etc. I believe in following things: Everything is achievable through technology. The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one. History repeats itself. Heal the sick, feed the hungry, care for the weakest among us and always pray in private. Immortal life : Will be achieved through genetic design. Human Brain API : Just like what it looks like in Matrix. Silicon-based Life : Human will evolve from Carbon-base life to Silicon-based life. Human is designed : DNA is too complicated to be evolved. Maybe designed by the God of Probability. Nano Robot The Real Hologram Projection : The ability to Manipulate Light Hope live in space one day. gather ye rosebuds while ye may then be not coy but use your time and while ye may go marry forhaving lost but once your prime you may forever tarry Here are some thing I love and find interesting: The Three-body Problem : Its Dark Forest Law is amazing. Sometimes Don’t know why pigeon so big. Marvel Comic : all of its movies and The Agents of SHIELD DC : Gotham, The Flash, The Arrow, Legend of Tomorrow Interstellar Series The Newsroom The Blacklist : Big fan of Red Black Orphan Breaking Bad Falling Skies Anime A Certain Scientific Railgun & Misaka Mikoto Sword Art Online Love Misaka Mikoto~~~ Stanford Machine Learning Certificate [02 April 2016 (Saturday) Update] Finished CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition, Stanford 2016