Another Small Church Christmas Eve – Was Yours Not So Merry And Bright? - New Small Church
Christmas Eve has come and gone. As you scroll through social media, you’re seeing all the rave reports from fellow pastors about full churches, beautiful productions and salvations. But, while you’re happy for them, you don’t respond. Because, in the small church you serve, yesterday was hard. Again. Instead of a bigger-than-usual crowd, your church building was downright barren because the church members who left for the holidays were not replaced by visitors. Instead of a lavish musical production, the one or two musicians you do have (if you have any to begin with) were among those who left town to visit family. I don’t have any answers for you. But I do feel what you’re going through. While our small church had a great Sunday this year, I remember those sparse years when there was more to dread about church at Christmas than to look forward to.