How Faith Inspired Detroit House Maestro Terrence Parker's Third Album
Prolific Detroit house music mainstay Terrence Parker might use an old-school telephone handset instead of a pair of traditional DJ headphones when he's behind the decks, but any novelty about what he does musically ends there. Known affectionately as the Telephone Man, Parker has been dialed into house music for 30 years, remixing and producing a litany of soulful, spiritual tracks while continually blazing new trails as an artist. Parker's career continues along at a swift pace. He DJs all over and released his third full-length, Life On The Back 9, on Carl Craig's Planet E label, which was released on January 27. It's a joyous album brimming with inspired deep excursions, with many of the uplifting songs drawing from his own faith. We talked to the Motor City maestro about how the role religion plays in his artistry, how the new album came to be and what he thinks about the new crop of producers currently drawing influence from retro grooves. Telephone Man, how's life in Detroit? Is