Winter Wonder Fest 2018 - Prime 1 Studio Statues - The Toyark - News
Numerous new statues were on display at Winter wonder Fest 2018 from Prime 1 Studio. Along with some previously revealed items, there were also a few new licenses and plenty of new items overall. Images come from Prime 1 Studio and AmiAmi Hobby News. Check out the list below and see photos after the jump. Video Games Nioh – William Gravity Daze 2 (GravityRush) – Kat Gravity Daze 2 (GravityRush) – Raven Tekken 7 – Alisa Bosconovitch Terminator T-800 Berserk Slan Conrad Griffith Nosferatue Zodd in Apostle Form Daka DC Comics and Movies Hush – Poison Ivy Hush » Continue Reading.