Toy Fair 2018 - Super 7 Masters of the Universe - The Toyark - News
Here are the Masters of the Universe items on display from Super 7 at Toy Fair 2018! Includes their Classics and Club Grayskull releases. Also shown are their new 5.5″ retro style releases, MOTU ReAction and glassware. Here’s the list of the figures that were on hand: Club Grayskull Figures Sorceress Man-E-Faces Tung Lashor Mer-Man Tri-Klops Hordak Man-At-Arms Classics Figures Karg Granita Dyla-Mug Wraptrap Fangor Quakke Hawke Lodar Vintage Style 5″ Figures Skeletor He-Man She-Ra Hordak Beast Man Man-At-Arms He-Ro Eldor ReAction 3.75″ Figures Faker Evil Lyn Scare Glow Mek-A-Nek Orko Ram Man