Mythic Legions All Stars 2.0 Pre-Orders Live! - The Toyark - News
Mythic Legions from the Four Horsemen have come and gone quick over the last several years, building a strong base of fans along the way. They’ve built up their roster of all original characters into something truly impressive. Today, pre-orders start for their next round of figures – Mythic Legions: All Stars 2.0! Included in the line up are: Vorgus Vermillius (The Blood Armor) Attila Leossyr Bog Goblin Carpathias Attlus the Conqueror Standard Skeleton Legion Builder Pixxus Jorund Runeshaper Eagalus 2.0 Deltigar the Destroyer! Templar Knight Legion Builder Silver Dwarf Legion Builder You can pre-order all of these and check » Continue Reading.