Toy Fair 2017 - Diamond Select Toys DC Entertainment - The Toyark - News
Here are the assorted DC Entertainment collectibles on display from Diamond Select Toys at Toy Fair 2017. These included the current DC TV Select, Animated Statues & busts, Batman Classic TV Series Collectibles, Watchmen Minimates and DC Vinimates. Minimates Watchmen Vinimates Batman Superman The Flash Wonder Woman and Diana – Wonder Woman Movie Nite Owl Ozymandias Silk Spectre Dr. Manhattan Rorschach Comedian Batman Classic TV Series Bat Phone – Bank King Tut Bust Bookworm Bust Mad Hatter Bust Eartha Kitt Catwoman Bust The Joker Statue Robin Statue (No Photos Allowed) Animated Series Busts Shazam Jon Stewart Green Lantern Doomsday Aquaman » Continue Reading.