Toy Fair 2017 - NECA Horror and Sci-Fi - The Toyark - News
Here are the Horror and Science fiction themed figures on display from NECA at Toy Fair 2017. There were some great new items here across many licenses, including highly anticipated releases like a new Chucky figure! Preacher Cassidy and Jesse Custer Gremlins Gizmo – Ultimate figure Mohawk Godzilla Shin Godzilla Godzilla 2001 – Atomic Breath Version The Terminator Cinemachines T2 3D T-800 Terminator 1/4 Scale T2 T-800 A Nightmare On Elm Street 1/4 Scale Dream Warriors Freddy Krueger Dream Warriors Freddy Puppet Prop Replica Childs Play Chucky Mego Style Figure Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees – Ultimate Final Chapter Figure » Continue Reading.