Toy Fair 2017 - Hasbro Official Marvel Figure Photos - The Toyark - News
At Toy Fair 2017, Hasbro debuted a number of new Marvel figures at their panel, as well as in the showroom. Now they’ve released their own official photos for some o these, and we have them all. Included are: Marvel Legends 12″ Figures Symiote Suit Spider-Man Thor Hulk Deadpool Marvel Legends 6″ Figures Cosmic Spider-Man Netflix Daredevil Netflix Punisher Netflix Elektra Netflix Jessica Jones Evolution of Groot Set Ego and Star-Lord 2-Pack Adam Warlock Death’s Head II Ex Nihilo Gamora Mantis Nebula Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot Star-Lord (Solo release) Moon Knight Spider-Man: Homecoming – Spidey Spider-Man: Homecoming – Spidey » Continue Reading.