Toy Fair 2017 - Bluefin Star Wars Display - The Toyark - News
At Toy Fair 2017, Bluefin held a special invite only preview event. Our staff is on site, and sharing photos direct from the show. Here are the photos of their Star Wars display. Includes: Movie Realization Darth Vader Royal Guard Sandtrooper Assorted Stormtroopers Movie Realization Art Gallery Boba Fett Darth Maul IG-88 Padme Amidala Gamorrean Guard Shadow Trooper Jango Fett Large Scale Figures C-3PO R2-D2 Model Kits – Vehicles X-Wing Millennium Falcon TIE fighter AT-AT A-Wing TIE Intercepter U-Wing TIE Striker Y-Wing TIE Advanced Snowspeeder Slave I AT-ST