RKF Rider Kicks Figures Kamen Rider GenM Level 0-X & Rogue Release Info - Tokunation
“Dangerous Zombie!” “Crocodile in Rogue!” The Rider Kicks Figures legends line continues from Kamen Rider Zi-O! Next month offerings consist of two well loved riders from the last couple years. Making their debuts in the line are Kamen Rider Rogue and Kamen Rider GenM Level 0-X! Both figures join an expanding line up for armored up Zi-O & Geiz figures as well as a number of other legends like Build, Cross-Z, Evol, and more! Both Rogue & GenM Level 0-X will be released on January 26th. Each retails for 2484 yen. Will you be adding these legends to your collection? » Continue Reading.