New Kamen Rider Zi-O Magazine Scans Online- Introducing Kamen Rider Woz, Kamen Rider Shinobi & Kamen Rider Quiz! - Tokunation
The latest round of magazine scans has been posted online, giving fans some much-needed new details on the further adventures of Kamen Rider Zi-O! *Centerpiece of this month’s spread is Kamen Rider Woz! Using a new model Driver known as the BeyonDriver, Woz has his own unique brand of RideWatches called MiraiWatches that power his distinctive abilities. Kamen Rider Woz’s signature weapon- the Zikan DeSpear is also displayed in full. To assist in his quest, Kamen Rider Woz summons two BRAND-NEW Kamen Riders! *Kamen Rider Quiz is a blue & red Rider from the year 2040 with skills linked to » Continue Reading.