The Final Twelve! A New Batch of Figures From The GI Joe Collector's Club! -
At JoeCon’s end the Club had one more surprise up it’s sleeve. They’re calling it the Final Twelve! Thanks to rfarrel22 and 13thwarrior for the details. We will get you official pictures as soon as they are made available. Slaughter’s Marauders Barbecue Slaughter’s Marauders Low Light ‘Black Spider Rendezvous’ Adventure Team leader Coils o’ Doom – new Scottish bad guy (in green, somehow tied to Crimson Asp) Sonic Fighters Dodger Sonic Fighters Cobra Viper Sonic Fighters Falcon Sonic Fighters Road Pig Tiger Force (European) Hit ‘n Run Tiger Force (European) Psyche-out Tiger Force (European) Tunnel Rat Tiger Force (European) Blizzard » Continue Reading.