SDCC 2017 Acid Rain 3.75 Toynami Display -
B2.Five Acid Rain offerings aren’t the only things at SDCC 2017! The 3.75″ Figures were also on display in force at the Toynami booth. Stinger MK1a Beehive 2017 Show Exclusive Sol Commander Agurts Sand Infantry Agurts Amphista MK1S Augurts Forseti Viking Shield Marine Infantry 303 Abaddon Puppet Omanga Military Abaddon Trooper Flame Trooper Omanga Reborn Trooper Omanga Bucks Team Space Scientist Exclusive Laurel Corpse Agurts Sofi Agurts Tank Soldier Agurts Female Soldier Agurts If you’re at the show, make sure to stop by and see this impressive display in person! You can check out a full set of images after » Continue Reading.