3DJoes Presents Vehicle Week - Showcasing G.I.Joe And Cobra Vehicles From The Late 80s -
3DJoes stopped by to share word with us of vehicle week over at! All of this week and through the weekend 3DJ will roll out the rest of the 1988-1989 Vehicles, one per day. So far this week, we’ve been treated to images of: 1989 G.I.Joe Arctic Blast – This two-wheeled behemoth is powered by a 225 HP LFV-30 turbodiesel engine and features 30 MM “Chain Gang” gatling guns and side-mounted avalanche-class “Cool Cruiser” surface to surface missiles. 1989 Cobra H.I.S.S. II – The Cobra H.I.S.S. II sports the familiar rotating gun turret of the original H.I.S.S., but » Continue Reading.