Custom Modern Era Dr Isotope By Ozzie92 -
Ok, how cool is this?! forum member ozzie92 has shared his custom Evil Dr. Isotope! For those of you that may be unfamiliar with the character, Dr. Isotope is the evil enemy of the G.I.Joe Adventure Team and is a Nuclear Menace! Ozzie’s piece is inspired by the 12″ G.I.Joe Club offering and Matt Lind’s work. Here’s the receipe from Ozzie: Entire figure, minus feet/modded shins–Boss Fight HACKS After Life Spartan (glow in the dark). Painted black and added REAL FLOCKED HAIR!!! Feet, modded shins–ROC PIT Trooper. Accessories–ray gun from vintage Zartan…ROC MARS case from (?)…ROC Dr. Rex » Continue Reading.