GIJoeCon 2017 Force Of Battle 2000 Box Set Group Shot -
Now that all of the figures from the 2017 International G.I.Joe Collectors Convention box set have been revealed, Mr. James Kavanaugh, better known around the boards as KuuKuuSon has put together this group shot image of the figures included in this years box set. To re-cap: G.I.Joe Battleforce 2000 Avalanche, Blaster, Blocker, Dodger, Knockdown, Maverick Cobra Battle Android Troopers Cobra B.A.T. Squad Leader, Cobra B.A.T. v1.8 Does seeing the full set together like this sway your opinion on the set one way or the other? Are you excited for the set, or skipping it all together? Sound off after » Continue Reading.