Cobrastickers Massive Black Friday Update!!! -
Hello everyone. Cobrastickers is proud to announce a massive Black Friday update to our catalog. We have 14 new sets ready for sale: 6 brand new custom sets and a new squadron numbers set in white for the Silent Strike Skystriker: Evaluators Squadron. for JOE 50TH Skystriker XP-21F Evaluator Squadron (2016) F9F Panther tribute for JOE 50th Skystriker XP-21F F9F Panther (2016) Red Shadow / Cobra Spectre for JOE 50th Skystriker Red Shadow Spectre (2016) Macross Stealth VF for JOE 50th Skystriker XP-21F Stealth Macross VF-1S (2016) Razgriz Squadron for JOE 50th Skystriker XP-21F Razgriz » Continue Reading.