how to reset selected mobile phones, for example, nexus and samsung galaxy s7 On a Nexus 6P 📌If your phone is turned on, turn it off. 📌Press the Power button and the Volume button down. Instead of starting normally, you will see "Start" in an arrow pointing to the power button. Here, you use the volume buttons to scroll and the power button to select an option. Press the volume down button until you have selected the recovery mode. Press the power button to start the recovery mode. When your phone reboots, you should see a screen saying "No Control" with an Android robot in distress. 📌Press and hold the power button, then press the volume button once to load the restart menu. ] 📌With the volume buttons to scroll through the menu, highlight Clear Data / Factory Reset. 📌Press the power button to select. Highlight and select Yes to confirm the reset. Once the reset is complete, you will return to the same recovery mode menu. 📌Press the power button to select