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If we start to encrypt keystrokes, the value recorded by the keylogger is different from the actual value, which means that it only records random characters. We will use the Keyscrambler software to encrypt our keyboard. Here are some simple steps to follow to implement this on your Windows PC: How to Encrypt Keystrokes to Avoid Attacks Keylogger: - Step 1. Download and install toolKeyScrambler first. Step 2. Now after the download, install it and after complete installation you have to reboot your system. Step 3. Now when your computer starts, right-click on the KeyScrambler icon in the status bar at the bottom of a screen. 19659002] Step 4. Now choose the options from there and Keyscrambler will open and you will see the screen as below. Step 5. Now you can change the settings as you wish and then just click OK. Now that your key scrambler app is ready, open your browser and type in everything you can see as your keystrokes are encrypted. That's all! you're done,