Neighborhood Voices | Crossing Fences
A community program based on a simple, age-old process ‒ people learning from one another through the oral tradition. There are stories, insights, perspectives and facts within all of us. And, all too often, we take little time to share them. Since 2012, SLB has worked with local community centers to bring together African American male students to acquire and document stories from African American men raised, living or working in their neighborhood. The Crossing Fences process requires that participating students work hard as they: Discuss the meaning of role models and mentors Identify men in their neighborhood they'd like to know more about Learn about interviewing, digital recording and audio editing Work in small groups to interview neighborhood men about their lives, career paths, triumphs and challenges Listen to and edit audio they've acquired Write and record reflections based on the interview The project requires dedication and a commitment of [...]