Russ Salzberg and Neal Adams speak on "We Spoke out" on Original OG Podcast -
Last Wednesday I had one of my (Best Days), it’s when I get to meet someone new and talk about something interesting. Russ Salzberg called and we did an Interview on A very important project to me “We Spoke Out” . OK now I need to back up….. Russ Salzberg….. If you grew up in New York like I did, this man gave you the sports of the day everyday for years. A great Interviewer of sports talent. His great voice with that New York Bronx accent. The guy that wore sweaters and was a regular guy! He wants to do an interview with my dad about We Spoke Out!!!!… A project that took years in the making from the day Rafael Medoff walked in and said what do you think of this idea? Talking to every Publisher to get the oks to reprint all this material . To finding creatives and heirs of creatives to get all the paperwork signed. And then finding the right guy to put it together Craig Yoe and then talking to IDW to do it with Craig. And then getting Stan Lee to write the Introduction and Afterword and then getting Neal Adams to do [...]