A very personal note from Neal Adams -
Fellow creators, This is a very personal note from Neal Adams to you, the members of a group we sometimes laughingly call an industry. Sometimes you forget and even I forget to remind us all that we have come a long way. But we do have a responsibility to the future impact our Industry has on the World. Others have come along to make multi-million dollar movies of our work, they do television shows of our work and I can tell you as a person who has seen his images on the big and small screen that we have all made an impact and we should be proud to say it . We, are changing the popular culture of the world in ways that only the future will be able to describe. Our images are on tee—shirts, sheets and pillows cases, toys, sneakers and please, yes, the list is endless. I just gave myself a headache trying to think of all of it. In the late 60’s, after having been an illustrator, a comic strip artist, an advertising pre-production artist, I decided this was the business for me, I decided this was the Industry for me. So I began battling [...]