News-A-Rama Interview. Conner, Palmiotti and Adams on Harley Quinn vs Superman -
NEAL ADAMS Gets Back In SUPERMAN’s Corner For Boxing Match Against HARLEY QUINN – With PALMIOTTI & CONNER Interview By Vaneta Rogers, Newsarama Contributor More than 35 years ago, Superman vs. Muhammad Ali helped immortalize the famed sports personality in a story by Neal Adams and Denny O’Neill that sold worldwide and became a comic book classic. Now Adams is teaming up with Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti to parody that graphic novel in Harley’s Little Black Book #5, out December 28 from DC Comics. Where the original story featured an alien race forcing Superman to fight Muhammad Ali, the new story shows how the aliens have chosen Harley Quinn as their champion in an almost-mirror story, complete with art that mimics the beloved original. Newsarama talked to Adams, Conner, and Palmiotti to find out more about the parody of Superman vs. Muhammad Ali, how Palmiotti came up with the idea, and why Adams was more than happy to poke fun at his own work. (from News-A-Rama) Read the interview at News-A-Rama Related