Meltdown Comics - June 2014 -
Legendary Neal Adams (Batman,Green Lantern Green Arrow, Xmen,Ms Mystic, Creator’s rights fighter) will be doing a Store Signing Event at LA/Hollywood’s biggest and most incredible comic book store on Saturday, June 28th . The store is called “Meltdown Comics” Neal will be starting his Event with a showing of “Blood” a creator owned series that Neal did for “Dark Horse Presents” which is now being collected into a Graphic Novel from Dark Horse, which I hear rumor will have a very animated 3D Lenticular lens Cover. Neal and his studio Continuity have been animating the comic the same way they did Astonishing XMen the Motion Comic from Marvel. Neal is adding CGI to really bring his comic to Life and new tricks that they have learned since they worked on Astonishing Xmen. We at Continuity are very excited about this showing of our rough clip because it is the first project we are doing that is ours. Continuity works on many projects commercially since they are a very well known studio in the land of advertising and comics. Yes, the Nasonex bee was designed by Neal at Continuity and the first four commercials which were all CGI was done by [...]