Kris' World: Neals Updates Jan 2015 -
Yes I’m Back and I’m going to ask for some help from you guys! What do you want to see on our site? Just email me at and I will see if I can make it happen. I want to get information out to everyone on what we are doing. Where Neal is going since he is doing so many conventions and other important things. Neal’s variant cover for Action Comics #35 part of the New 52 Cover B, at the Stores next week October 1St. Don’t Miss OUT! On getting a copy. Neal did the Black and White Batman Zombie story a while ago and DC asked if Neal would do a Superman Zombie cover for the October DC Release of Books. Superman – Action Comic – Monster Month Neal recently handed me a new page for Revengers/Megalith that we will be re-releasing this coming year 2015. We will be doing a trade with Revengers/Megalith number 1 and 2 with new pages. Armor number 1 and 2 with new pages added. And Hybrids number 1 and 2. We are revamping these stories with some new art . New coloring. And new lettering. We at Continuity are very excited [...]