Hurricane Lane cancels Amazing Aloha... but not me! -
Hi Everyone, I’m here in Honolulu, ‘rip-roaring’ to do commissions, sign and have a GOOD time. The Governor has just canceled the Amazing Aloha show. YIKES!!! And they are using the convention hall as a command center. If you’re here, I’m here in Hawaii, and if you are interested in a commission or had a special request and you thought you could get it at the show we have worked out with “Other Realms” that you can pick it up at the store or we can mail it to you if you are not from here. Who know maybe we can meet? If you have a request email Jason at and we will work it out with you. I am sitting here with nothing to draw looking at a grey sky out my balcony door. #amazingcomiccon #comics #commissions#keycollectorcomics #igcomicfamily #dccomics #marvelcomics #otherrealm #Honolulu