THESE WERE THE MOST POPULAR ITEMS AT WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO LAST WEEKEND! Neal was working on finishing up a commission at the Chicago Con last weekend this way the owner of the piece could see Neal at work. Neal had a GREAT time working on the color of the piece and I believe a lot of people at the show enjoyed watching Neal work on this piece as well. A commission with a lot of favorite characters that Neal has worked on in the past, Batman, Talia, Ra’s Al Ghul, Ubu and camels. A fantastic weekend was had by all. If you are interested in a commission please email us at or go to the Store which the button is on the front page of our site. This is a Neal Adams exclusive “Civil War” cover that we did with Marvel for San Diego. This cover is being sold by us exclusively. There are two editions available. This one is the Signed and Numbered edition of 1000. Captain America and Iron Man face each other in this epic battle of ideas. This is our Remarque cover or cover with a drawing. If you notice on the top left [...]