Day 3 - Rise of the Supermen - Lex -
As Superman’s greatest and most consistent foe, Alexander Joseph “Lex” Luthor…created by Seigel and Shuster in 1940…has continued to threaten, frustrate and almost defeat the Man of Steel for decades. Lex is a billionaire, business magnate, brilliant scientist, and the most intelligent man in the world. He still blames Superman for the loss of his once red, curly, full head of hair and will do ANYTHING to destroy Superman and rule the planet Earth as its dictator…even make an insidious deal with an evil god-like monster, DARKSEID. February, 2016 is Neal Adams month. A six-issue series entitled “The Coming of the Supermen” starts in FEBRUARY, 2016. This is YOUR SUPERMAN! This may be the greatest Superman story ever. Make sure to tell your retailer!! Related