Day 22 - Coming Of The Supermen - Granny Goodness -
There is no “good” in this hellion of Apokolips!! She raised Scott Free AKA Mister Miracle, the only being to ever escape her “orphanage”. She also raised and trained Scott Free’s wife, Big Barda to be a fearsome warrior and leader of the Female Fury Batallion. She trains some of the most deadly warriors in the universe after they have been stolen and thrown into her orphanage. She is one of Darkseid’s Elite warriors and one of the most deadly “Furies” from Apokolips. SHE IS…GRANNY GOODNESS!! February, 2016 is Neal Adams month. A six-issue series entitled “The Coming of the Supermen” starts in FEBRUARY, 2016. This is YOUR SUPERMAN! Make sure to tell your retailer and secure your copy!!