Commissions -
THE NEAL ADAMS EXPERIENCE: Neal Adams loves drawing sketches for his fans before, during and after the various conventions he is attending this year. He wants to make sure that there is always a way for a fan to get a special drawing, sketch or signature. To that end, Neal is trying to enhance the experience. Each person is different, as Neal has discovered drawing sketches at conventions. “No two people are alike”, which is what the concept behind this experience is all about. Neal would like to satisfy the fan in all of you. One way to get the Neal Adams Experience is to Email JASON ADAMS at Jason can set you up with ANY COMMISSION you could possibly want. He has access to all of Neal’s work and can get reference for any character you could imagine. You can get head sketches on books, personalized sketches, figure drawings, multiple figure drawings and almost anything you can imagine. Or simply go to the Neal Adams Store here and pick something super-cool from your favorite comic book. PRE-ORDERS: If you’re serious about getting a particular character drawing, one of the best ways to handle this is through a pre-order that allows [...]