HEY WHATS GOING ON WITH ALL THIS PAINTING!!!!!! Neal has been painting at Comic Conventions as of late. He is really enjoying himself and people at the conventions seem to be enjoying watching him work! A win win for everyone. Maybe Neal will do more painted covers for the Comic Companies? Maybe….., Neal is into selling these pieces? Neal hasn’t painted in a very long time. I think the last time we saw paint out at Continuity was when we had a painted ad campaign come through the studio commercially. I know at the Baltimore Comic Con September 25-27 Neal will be spotlighted as he paints during the convention, Don’t miss out on this! I have no idea what he will be painting for that show. It is just nice to see my dad relax and enjoy paint again. The Barbarian was done at the Kansas City Comic Con The Batman Superman piece, which we did not finish, was done at the Connecticut Comic Con The Batman Ras Al Ghul was done at the Chicago Comic Con Last weekend we didn’t do a show and handed in a lot of Superman Darkseid New God [...]