2016 NCC Autocross Event Pricing & Season Subscriptions | NCC Autocross
2016 NCC Autocross Season Pricing For 2016 event pricing for the NCC Autocross season will be: Schools: Members Only: $90.00 (pre-registration required) Test & Tune: Members Only: $100.00 (pre-registration required) Points Events: Members Only: Online Registration: $35.00/Walk-up Registration:$40.00 (PM Sessions only/No Cash Accepted!!) In addition we will be offering a special all day discount. Participants can run both the AM and PM sessions. Drivers will keep the same 2 digit number for both sessions. Please note that drivers will be required to work both sessions and only the AM session will count towards the season points. PM runs will be classified as Non-Comp runs. Pricing for All-Day Session. Due to the cost of running events at FedEx Field we have slightly increased our fees for all day sessions at FedEx events from $50 to $60. This is still an exceptional value for the amount of seat time compared to other autocross programs in the area. Members: $50.00 for