What five failed utopias can teach us today - NBWW | Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe
Catch up on the best moments so far from Curbed’s podcast Nice Try! Nice Try!, the Curbed podcast on the perpetual search for utopian living, has now explored five failed attempts at utopias, from the bloody beginnings of Jamestown to Oneida, an upstate New York commune turned silverware brand. There won’t be a new episode this week due to the 4th of July holiday, but the series will resume July 11 and the season’s final episode airs July 18. Until then, there’s no better time to catch up on previous episodes. Here are five of our favorite moments from the series so far. Episode 1: Jamestown, Utopia for Whom? There are many tellings of America’s beginnings, but Jamestown—whose story you might have seen in Disney’s Pocahontas—is one of the most fascinating, troubling, and misunderstood. The series’s first episode begins in 1607, when the British established the colony. Things quickly went awry. “[George] Percy says that first they ate dogs, they ate cats, they ate rats, they ate vermin, they ate any living thing that was in the fort. Then they ate the leather off their shoes. They boiled their belts and sucked them. Then it got to the point where he says they licked the blood off the faces of their dying men.”—Kathleen Donegan, professor of English at UC Berkeley and author of Seasons of Misery: Catastrophe and Colonial Settlement in Early America Read on HERE >>>> Source: Curbed What five failed utopias can teach us today