What are the Client/Owner Trends Now? | Architect Magazine - NBWW | Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe
A few recent surveys break down what clients are looking for nowadays. By William Richards for AIA Architect A Client Wish List Want architects to understand their unique needs and meet them Perceive architects to have the capacity to flesh out possibilities and think strategically Recognize the value add that architects bring from having clients in entirely different industries than their own Interested in a better integration between architect and contractor upstream Want architects to function as a partner, not a vendor Look to architects for new ideas, trends, best practices, and technological innovations Don’t see architects doing enough to call attention to their value. (Nowhere was this perception stronger than among clients who themselves were architects.) Source: AIA Minnesota, Architects in Commerce Research Initiative (2012) Read the Full Story HERE >>>> Source: What are the Client/Owner Trends Now? | Architect Magazine