The Week in Architecture: the Long-Awaited Rise of Reuse and the Next Generation of Architects - NBWW | Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe
by Katherine Allen This past Monday brought with it not just a new week, but the start of the lunar new year. The start of the lunar new year brings with it another chance to review what’s past and start afresh – a welcome opportunity for those of us already suffering a bit of new year blues. Looking back to move forward seemed to be a bit of a theme this week, with the announcement of a number of memorials and renovations on historic sites. While the spate of new projects this week is certainly a coincidence, the recent proliferation of reuse and memorial projects, in general, shouldn’t come as a surprise. As the age of the icon-producing starchitect stutters to a close, the long-gestating movements in reuse and preservation will likely come to the fore as a major movement in contemporary architecture. While major works such as the LocHal Library and the Battersea Arts Centre are banner examples, this is a movement that will celebrate the small-scale and local. These are the types of projects often tackled by young and small practices, some of whom were recognized this week as the Architectural League of New York and Royal Academy both announced their respective emerging architect awards. The week of 04 February 2019 in review, after the break: New Additions to Meaningful Sites 17 years after recovery efforts at the site of the World Trade Center officially ended, the 9//11 Musem and Memorial are planning to open a memorial dedicated to those who have suffered/are suffering from ‘9/11-related illnesses’. Those involved in recovery efforts have shown significantly elevated incidences of cancers and respiratory illness, stemming largely from the mass of hazardous asbestos fibers released into the air as the towers collapsed. News of this memorial comes just months after President Trump eased regulations on the hazardous construction material. Read the full story HERE >>> Source: ArchDaily https://www.archdaily.com/911128/the-week-in-architecture-the-long-awaited-rise-of-reuse-and-the-next-generation-of-architects