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ecovative is a business making compostable packaging from mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, for companies like dell and IKEA. now with plant-based foods like impossible burger and beyond meat becoming popular, the company’s co-founder eben bayer, wants to use mycelium to create plant-based meats. mycelium is a self-assembling 3D scaffolding with tunable porosity and controllable fiber orientation,’ it reads on the ecovative website. ‘there is no volumetric limit to mycelium growth. mycelium can be grown to a 3D form or post-processed to shape. [it] is edible and offers a range of nutritional benefits from fiber to protein.’ according to an interview with forbes, bayer is launching a new company, called atlast food co., to use mycelium to improve the structures of plant-based meats, including steaks and chicken. testing edible strains of mycelium, atlast will partner with companies to help them develop bespoke whole cuts of plant-based and cell-based meat. so far, atlast has tested their mycelium into a scaffold for plant-based bacon. made entirely of mycelium, scientists modified its structure and added natural flavors to make it more appealing. company: ecovative source: forbes Read on >>>> Source: designboom ecovative turns mushrooms into walls, packaging and now meat