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kieron marchese under the skies of a new year, don’t dwell on the losses of an old one. you said farewell to asimo, honda’s famed humanoid robot, but new connections are on the horizon – and they promise to be electric! be cautiously optimistic however. there is craftsmanship, mastery and attention to detail as humans and robots develop, but these qualities could make it impossible for you to tell the difference. last year we predicted that, after hanson robotics’ ‘sophia‘ was granted citizenship of saudi arabia, robot design would take another giant leap in 2018. with the amount of machines with superhuman-like movement that we featured this year, robot design did just that. advanced development of artificial intelligence is the catalyst for their increased capabilities and, although revolutionizing across the whole technology spectrum, it is in our robot friends that we see its innovation most clearly and most regularly. according to rumours, amazon is set to introduce its home robot in 2019 and huawei are reportedly developing one too. meanwhile, a time traveller’ who claims to have ‘been to year 3700’ warns of full-scale robot/human war. Read the full story HERE >>>> Source: designboom designboom TECH predictions 2019: robots are the uncanny rival