Artificial Intelligence Can Save Time and Money • NBWW Architects
From building to planning and design, these five AI-based strategies speed construction while lowering costs. By Peter Debney Artificial intelligence (AI) has impacted all sectors, including the construction sector. From building to planning to designing, artificial intelligence is making the process of building more efficient across the board. But what exactly is artificial intelligence? It is defined as a machine that shows its own intelligence by solving problems with algorithms and input data. This can be harnessed for both information collection and organization, as well as basic routine tasks, like bricklaying. Taking a look at this impact in more detail, and what it means for the future of our residential properties, building design software supplier Oasys investigates four key areas within the construction industry: Planning Stages Construction planning and design can both greatly benefit from artificial intelligence. Autonomous equipment is considered as AI, as it is aware of its surroundings and is capable of navigation without human input. In the planning stages, AI machinery can survey a proposed construction site and gather enough information to create 3D maps, blueprints, and construction plans. A process that would once take weeks can now be accomplished in a single day. This helps to save firms both time and money in the form of labor. Read the full story HERE >>>> Source: Builder https://www.builderonline.com/design/technology/artificial-intelligence-can-save-time-and-money_o