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From home to the city: 5 movies that will help you understand the critique of modern architecture by Romullo Baratto – Translated by Tarsila Duduch Of all arts, there is one that is truly capable of embracing architecture, and that is the cinema. The ability to represent spaces, moving in the course of time, brings cinema closer to architecture in a way that goes beyond the limitations of painting, sculpture, music – for a long time considered to be the art closest to ours – and even of dance. Both in cinema and in architecture space is a key subject, and although they deal with it in different ways, they converge by providing a bodily – and not only visual – experience of the built environment. One of the many links between these two fields lies in the critique of the space provided by the cinema. Namely, the critique of architecture. A variety of film productions, released since the Lumière, deal with representations of the city and architecture through the screen, and, many of them are dedicated to doing so in a critical manner, by casting a disbelieving or provocative look at the current architectural production. Perhaps due to the fact that film has emerged contemporaneously to modern architecture, it has become an instrument of critique. Indeed, many cinematographic productions have become – although unintended – memorable examples of criticism of modern architecture and society. Here are a few: Critique of the Modern Habitat: My Uncle (Jacques Tati, 1958) While visiting his sister’s family, Monsieur Hulot is welcomed into an extremely cutting-edge home, equipped for the needs of modern life. Rational spaces, automation, and a variety of technological appliances and devices integrate this new context. The ironically disoriented figure of Hulot tries in vain to adapt to the new reality which promises ease and comfort, yet only brings him obstacles and resistance. Watch the trailer here. Read on HERE >>>> Source: ArchDaily https://www.archdaily.com/918018/5-films-that-critique-modern-architecture