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Nicolás Valencia Venice captured all architects’ hearts and minds last year, but 2019 —a Venice-less year— will be still a year full of biennials and festivals around the world (many of which we’re proud to be official partners of). The excitement is already building. From Chicago’s new approaches to the traditional practices to Shenzhen’s future technology prospect; from Oslo’s degrowth agenda to Brazil’s focus on everyday architecture, it’s time to start saving dates for the following biennials around the world! China: Bi-City Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism / Architecture (2019 UABB) Late 2019 — (Boreal) Spring 2020 The 8th edition of the most interesting architecture Biennial in Asia will feature a remarkable cross-disciplinary combination: architect and Director of MIT Senseable City Lab Carlo Ratti, CAE Academician Meng Jianmin and curator and art critic Fabio Cavallucci will be the joint Chief Curators of 2019 UABB. Titled “Urban Space + Technological Innovation”, the 2019 UABB will explore issues behind the digital revolution in urbanism. In particular, it will investigate how the effects of urbanism and architecture ripple beyond physical boundaries, considering the unavoidable impact that new technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation will have on communities and urban space. Estonia: Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB 2019) September 11 — November 30, 2019 “Beauty Matters: The Resurgence of Beauty” will be the topic for the fifth edition of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB 2019). London-based architect Yael Reisner will be the head curator, leading an event focused on “how beauty matters again, reflecting on a cultural shift, after nearly eighty years of dormancy, as beauty was a tabooed, denigrated subject.” Other members of the curatorial team are Liina Soosaar (Tallinn) and Barnaby Gunning (London). Organized by the Estonian Centre for Architecture, the TAB 2019 comprises five main events: a Curatorial Exhibition, a Symposium, and the Tallinn Vision Competition (the three of which are curated by Reisner), an International Architecture Schools’ Exhibition and the Installation Programme. ArchDaily is proud to be an official partner of the Tallinn Architecture Biennial. Brazil: XII Bienal Internacional de Arquitetura de São Paulo September 19 — December 19, 2019 Last August, Todo Dia (Everyday) was chosen as the theme for Brazilian XII International Architecture Biennale of São Paulo. The winning proposal, presented by local architects Ciro Miguel, Vanessa Grossman, and French architect/urbanist Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, draws a future scenario where a powerlessness discipline might be supplanted by new technologies of automation. “Architects are turning towards the most basic questions about architecture, its techniques, and its very origins. […] there is a continuous move towards the ordinary, the mundane, the quotidian, through a diffuse notion of how the most trivial level of reality —the so-called “everyday”— can contribute to the manufacture of architecture and urbanism even more so than the other way around.”, says the curatorial team in its proposal brief. United States: Chicago Architecture Biennial September 19, 2019 — May 01, 2020 Envisioned by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a challenger to rival the reach and influence of the Venice Architecture Biennale, the third edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial features writer and curator Yesomi Umolu as Artistic Director in collaboration with curator and educator Sepake Angiama and architect and urbanist Paulo Tavares. According to the selection committee, the Biennial “is seeking to expand the lens of discourse to target “emerging practices and global locations that are developing new approaches to architecture, urbanism, and spatial practice. Through the selection of exhibitors, the Biennial will identify and question the shifting spatial conditions occurring at local, regional and international scales.” Read the full story HERE >>>> Source: ArchDaily https://www.archdaily.com/908891/11-architecture-biennials-to-pay-attention-to-in-2019