Treatments | Natalie Delahaye Hypnotherapy
Email me at to arrange for a free Discovery Telephone Consultation with me. • Initial Consultation This session lasts for approximately 50 minutes to an hour. During the initial consultation we will gather some information, identify how solution focused hypnotherapy can help you, and will talk about what you would like to achieve. I will explain to you, in an interesting, inspiring way, how the mind works. We will discuss what happens during trance, and I will answer any questions you have. I will give you a complementary relaxation track to listen to before our first session. • Subsequent Sessions These sessions last between 50 minutes and an hour. The first consists of talking about your goals, and the solution focused steps you are taking towards your preferred future. There will be a revision of the brain, followed by a relaxation session of focused attention, which helps you to make those desired changes. • Smoking Cessation The stop smoking session