How Did you Sleep Last Night? | Natalie Delahaye Hypnotherapy
Do your worries regularly wake you up at 4am? Is it hard to get back to sleep? Difficulties getting to sleep and waking up exhausted? Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help. We all have a metaphorical mental stress bucket, in which we fill daily with the stresses of the day. Luckily, we can empty that bucket at night, during REM (rapid eye movement). You know that well known saying 'sleep on it'? When something really upsets you during the day but when you wake up the next morning, you are no longer stressed about the situation? Well that is REM! At night we re-run the events of the day and move them from being an emotional memory to a narrative memory that we have control over. We file it away and forget about it. However, sometimes our mental stress bucket overflows as we are piling too much into it, and no matter how much sleep we have, we are not feeling refreshed and cannot shake off our stress. This happens when there is too much on our plates. and when this happens, we need