Beach Nails
Hello Surfers, again an out of season post but who cares!! Hah Hah, I feel like going to the beach so will let my nails shout for it! So I used my artistic powers so get some beach fun on my nails. I had been planning to do this nail art for very long time. Few months back I developed a crush on Beach Nail charms like shells, snails, starfish etc. But I could not quickly lay my hands on it through any portal. I located it in BPS and Ali Express and both would take a month to deliver, killing the joy of achieving it. So I decided on hunting on some local and quick options. With prayers in mind and deep faith in heart, I entered the most resourceful craft store in my locality (actually I travelled like 10 km to find this so not in my locality technically!!). And I found mini shells and snails that they sold for craft. I wanted it to be further small so that they look good in proportion of nails. But these are all they had. I hand picked the smallest of shell and snail to use for my mani and I think they are not sized too big. I did a gradient of OPI My vampire is a Buff, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. I gently dabbed some glitters on gradient for sparkly effect of sea, but they are barely visible.I stamped each like of white wave using Mash plates and the other images too. Both white and Black stamping polish is from Nail Matinee. Then I added the snail and shell with IBD Gel resin and they stayed for 2 days. And popped off when I went to pool and stayed there for 2 hours. LOL. Look how impressive they look when I clicked them in Pool. My dad was super impressed with my nails and it made me so happy. He was so proud that he was calling everyone and showing. I am paid for all the effort I took!! What do you think girls? How are